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Shown here is our innovative, high quality, push button / lockable cable restrictor for doors and windows.
The restrictor is available in a range of finishes; white, stainless steel, matt black and light oak are our standard finishes but any RAL colour can be provided to suit your requirements.
The cable length can be varied if required.
We also offer a choice of a vertical or a horizontal "face-fix" allowing the cable to be attached to almost any fixture. These are especially popular for use with windows with "cockspur" handles.

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Other products from Sashjack Ltd:

The "Sashjack"

The "Sashjack" enables the installer of windows and doors to be totally confident that the "toeing and heeling" process is simple and that the sash will not drop due to moving glazing packers.

It is also possible to retrospectively fit a "Sashjack" to a sash after it has been installed. Therefore the manufacturer of the window or door can glaze or panel the sashes "in-house" or the work can be done at installation.

For more details and an illustration select from:

"In-line" version to fit in sash "eurogroove"
"Glass rebate" to fit in "glazing rebate"

< "In-line Sashjack"
Window and Door Restrictors

We offer a family of door restrictors which includes versions with a mechanical hold-open facility.

Suitable for inward and outward opening doors, as well as tilt & turn windows, these products are available with either a bichromated mild steel or stainless steel arm as standard.

The restrictor body fits into the full depth eurogroove at the top of the door (typically) or the bottom of a tilt & turn and restricts the opening to 90 degrees or more, depending on where the frame part is fixed.

The hold-open function prevents the sash from blowing closed in normal wind conditions.

The friction can be seamlessly adjusted and the arm can be easily disconnected should it be necessary to open the door fully.

For more details choose from:

"Hold Open 335mm Restrictor" (12mm airgap minimum)
"Hold Open 500mm Restrictor" (12mm airgap minimum)

"Slimline Hold Open 335mm Restrictor" (4mm airgap minimum)
"Slimline Hold Open 500mm Restrictor" (4mm airgap minimum)

A slimline version is available without the "hold open" facility.

"Slimline Restrictor" (4mm airgap minimum)

"Eurogroove fit" Casement Window Restrictor

The latest additions to our restrictor range:

A 500 mm "Face-fix" Door restrictor with damping spring and friction adjustment.

500 mm "Face-fix" Door Restrictor

A 500 mm aluminium bi-fold door restrictor

500 mm Bi-fold Door Restrictor

< "Hold-open"

< Slimline
Casement Window Restrictor
< "Hold-open"
Door Restrictor
<Bi-fold door rerstrictor

Concealed D-Tech Door Closer or Opener

This most effective unit is designed for ease of fitting (including retro-fitting), is user friendly and is simplicity itself.

Now available with optional "Hold Open" 335mm restrictor.
"D-Tech Door Closer / Opener"

D-Tech Door
< Door
with "Hold Open"

Locit Cable Restrictors

Push button / lockable cable restrictors for window (casement and tilt / turn) and doors

Locit Cable Restrictors for Windows
Locit Cable Restrictors for Doors

for Windows
< Locit
for Doors
Finger Bolts

All components are made from 304 stainless steel, and at just 6.00mm thick are ideal for Aluminium doors. An extended button version is available for double door systems where the finger bolt is hidden behind a mullion and the extended button protrudes through a small routed aperture.

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