The face-fix restrictor is: 500mm(L) x 16mm(W) x 14mm(D)

It is extruded aluminium in "mill finish" to facilitate any "RAL" finish if required and has 4 face-fix countersunk fixings and 4 vertical fixings for other applications (4 screw cover caps are available in white or black).The restrictor is available in an "Anodised" finish in Silver / Gold / Black and Light Oak as standard. As full travel of the operating arm within the aluminium extrusion is not needed the restrictor can be shortened for narrow sashes and can be moved laterally for more or less than 90 degrees.

The operating arm is: 16mm(W) x 3mm(T) It is manufactured from "430" Ferritic steel and if specified can be manufactured utilising "304" Austenitic stainless steel.

The frame anchor is 4mm(T) c/w 4 fixing points in "430" ferritic steel and can be manufactured as above. It is "Radiused" to facilitate routering into the outer frame if required.

The frame anchor thickness can be specified to fit PVCu outer frames i.e. Bead leg height when using a PVCu outer frame with a composite door.

Within the aluminium extrusion is a "damping spring" to dampen the action when the sash reaches the "stop" position to minimise any stress on the hinges. There is also a "friction" adjustment in the "nylon 66" moulding connecting the operating arm to restrictor to assist the damping spring and can be adjusted for the door weight and application.

The restrictor is suitable for any "flush-fit" sash i.e Composite / Timber / Steel/ Aluminium and can be "Retro-fitted" to the top of any "Flush-fit" sash on whichever side is most convenient, but hinge side is best! (Picture shows the restrictor fitted on the non-hinge side for ease of fitting).

The restrictor has been fully and successfully tested. Details available on request.

If this version does not meet your requirements, you may care to look at the other products in our family of restrictors:

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