Operating track 250mm(L) in aluminium c/w unique closing/opening speed adjuster (Patent applied for).

Operating arm manufactured from "300 Series" Stainless steel.

Closer/Opener housing 28mm(D) x 104mm(L) manufacured in steel c/w Euro groove fixing plate.


The kits are handed and marked "L" or "R" on the fixingplate to determine which to use. "R" would be used on an inward opening door with the hinges on the right side for example.

Router 28mm(D) hole 38mm along eurogroove from hinge corner of door sash and fix closer/opener housing using eurogroove fixing plate.

Fix operating track 180mm from bead leg (Hinge Side) to outer frame head with operating arm attached.

Set "Slide Blocks" in track to determine "Stop" position of door when opened.

Adjust speed adjuster using 3mm Allen Key to suit requirements for closing/opening speed.


All closures now have a mounting hole in the operating arm to allow fitting of a "hold open" 335mm restrictor which will give an option to hold the door fully open if required at an extra cost. Push to engage; pull to disengage.

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