This Eurogroove, "Hold Open" window restrictor is available with fixed (not detachable) or with detachable frame anchor.

Variable fixing position allows the sash opening to be set as required and will "hold" the sash in positiion; it is not reliant upon the friction stays.

This restrictor is ideal for Juliet balcony doors to allow good ventillation while restricting the opening to avoid damage to door sashes colliding with balcony rails.

If this version does not meet your requirements, you may care to look at the other products in our family of restrictors:

"Hold Open 335mm Restrictor" (12mm airgap minimum)
"Hold Open 500mm Restrictor" (12mm airgap minimum)

"Slimline Hold Open 335mm Restrictor" (4mm airgap minimum)
"Slimline Hold Open 500mm Restrictor" (4mm airgap minimum)

A slimline version is available without the "hold open" facility:
"Slimline Restrictor" (4mm airgap minimum)

500mm "Face-fix" Door Restrictor

Aluminium Bi-fold Door Restrictor

If you would like to discuss these or any of our other products please contact:

Chris Law.

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e-mail: enquiries@sashjack.co.uk

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